About No Hassle SPA and POOL Service

Throughout my travels and encounters, one question comes up more than any other. That question is: “How did you get started in this line of work?”

The answer is, in my opinion an interesting story. I was a service department clerk for a local hot tub retailer. The service manager kept making me service hot tubs in the warehouse.  Looking back now, it’s funny because I remember getting so mad at him for making me do this, I would tell him things like “This is not part of my job” or “I don’t know why you keep making me do this work, I am never going to be a technician” His answer to this was “That’s a shame I think you would like it and be good at it.” That year, I got laid off earlier than anticipated.

Well, having bills to pay like everyone else, I had to find another source of income. I approached another spa retailer to inquire about possible employment. It just so happened that the only available position was “Spa Technician.” With my newly acquired skills I accepted the position. To my surprised I found out that with its constant change and challenges, this line of work was exactly what I had been looking for as a career.
When the work slowed for the winter months as it does in this industry, I got laid off. I found myself, a job as a full time custodian and occasionally I would service a hot tub. I really missed being a fulltime technician and the sense of fulfillment that came with it. I sat down with my wife and decided I should start my own pool and spa service business.

Out of respect I contacted the man responsible for putting me on this path to inform him of this decision. He said “Good; I’m glad, I knew you would like it and be good at it.  If you ever need work let me know.“

Today my business consists of the general public, local retailers as well as manufacturers here in Canada and the United States. I have many plans for my business but the most important one to me is that it becomes successful enough that it can be a family business.